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appril festival thema’s

appril festival thema’s

De thema’s van het 8ste appril festival zijn bekend!

Ben jij een expert op het gebied van een van deze 3 topic’s meld je dan bij mij aan en wie weet sta jij straks bij ons op het podium.

Theme 1: Product Innovation
We invite product owners, growth hackers & digital strategists for this track
When you’re involved in coordinating the app development of your company, the main challenge is: how do you keep your app alive and kicking within the corporate environment? We dare you to experiment, learn from the best and your fellow product owners. We give you examples on how to get the right budget for your app, besides other outlets. Get the highest attention for your app within your company with total support from board level. We like to take you, your team and the app, to the next level.
Your app is killing it, take it to the next level!

Theme 2: Customer Satisfaction
We invite visual designers, interaction designers, branding and communication specialists for this track
The design of your app and it’s usability are your highest priorities. How do you incorporate the design, business, marketing and your customers needs into a successful product? Make sure your app gets noticed and remains effective. Step into this track to investigate the most powerful retention strategies, trends in marketing automation and let your app benefit from it. We dive into App Store Optimisation and our favorite tools to test and increase your user group. You know your customers, now spoil them to the max!

Theme 3: Revenue Optimisation
We invite business developers, lead generators, account managers and board members for this track
With a loyal audience and healthy return on investment you can take the next step into conquering the world with your app. New techniques reveal themselves on the road to explore successful business models. What sort of profit do we seek to guarantee continuity of our product? Come together with other app entrepreneurs to determine how we can benefit from innovations like big data and AI. Lets share visions and define the future of our business apps. Your business is great, now let’s become famous.

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