Training & Workshops

Express yourself

You have an off day or have a bad day. By expressing what is bothering you in your team, you’re helping yourself. Your colleagues can understand your behavior and perhaps help you to solve this. But what if you’re afraid to express your feelings to your teammates? In this workshop you get plenty of tips and you get to work with the various forms of communication. Read more and book a ticket


The art of negotiation is a skill that is good to possess as founders. We negotiate continuously but not always consciously. Sometimes about the small things, for example, an hour earlier at home. Sometimes about subjects in the project and sometimes about the quotation with the customer. During this workshop you will learn how to prepare well, what position you occupy during a negotiation, which strategies you can apply and how you can avoid obstacles and tricks. Read more and book a ticket

Conflicts and good conversation

When work is done, conflicts arise: in your team, with your customer or supplier. How do you deal with this and how do you solve these kinds of conflicts? During this workshop we will look step by step at the different phases that you can go through. You learn at what level a conflict plays, about conflict styles and how to deal with this. By analyzing a conflict and looking at how you relate to conflicts, you can learn to anticipate future conflicts by responding to the needs of the various parties involved. Read more and book a ticket

Give the right feedback

Respectfully dealing with your colleagues, customers and relatives has more effect than you think. Do you master the art of giving feedback so that everyone can work constructively? Giving feedback requires a number of criteria, if you manage this well, then you will be more appreciated by your colleagues and give the other person the chance to grow. Read more and book a ticket.

Presenting your ideas to your team or CTO

Presenting is a skill, what are the Do’s & Don’ts. How do you convince your colleagues or your customer? In these three hours you will start with a few tricks of the trade and you will learn how your ideas can influence your surroundings.
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Less stress

Software development is a dynamic specialty in which a lot has changed. The ever-changing technique and work pressure is high. How do you find peace in times or pressure? How do you reduce stress and create a balance in your busy life? In this training we offer you curriculum to work with. Read more and get your ticket.

Present your firm/product & convince your client

New technologies offer opportunities and solutions for businesses. They are perfect duo to grow in our industry. Do you know how to best use your opportunities in this area? To present your vision enthusiastically so you bring in that investor or client? To bring your team and board into your new course? Read more and get a ticket.

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