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Appril 2016 with Neelie Kroes,Startup Delta



In the media

Appril 2012 – until 2016 in the media.
BNR Radio Fragment / Radio1 fragement / Z24.nl / Baaz.nl / Marketingfacts.nl/ Business Channel
Smart City Hachathon 2015 Amsterdam Arena, media partner Appsterdam
Ahmed Abdalla and Chris de Guzman Appril-Warehouse
Resn, Creative Digital Agency @ Appril 2014
Presentation Master Eric Valdez and Abdul Rahman During Appril 2016
Office Fountain and Appril
Appril team member David van Heerden Among us, Appril 2014 in Eindhoven
Opening of the Appril Festival in 2014 in collaboration with Live on Demand @ Old School Amsterdam
All first opening of the Appril Festival 2012 @ Lloyd Hotel In Amsterdam
Appril is visible in the media from 2012, with a random grasp of articles, blogs and calendars starting from the first edition of the app festival messages about the events.
Marketingfacts / Jaarbeurs / Computable / Silicon Canals / Iculture