Are you looking for mobile heroes?

The Netherlands is on every international Startup list and we are doing well. Every day, there are beautiful tech initiatives in the field of VR, IoT, AI and all those other technologies. Most are unlocked by an app. These apps are built by a team of professionals with varying skills. As an initiator of the Appril festival I know many of these creators who can build your new app or multi-platform.

The Underground network

There is more than enough work for good craftsmen, even a bit too much. In the Dutch market you see developers hiding. They find work though their network. Because I share and inspire knowledge with the Appril festival I am in this ‘underground’ network and I know your future employee. By bringing together specialists and communities from the app industry and approaching them in an integer way, I know how to bind the right talent and professionals to you.

My address booklet..

Is filled with creatives, app builders, free minds, techies and people who simply create beautiful things. Professionals who love to build, shape and promote your web, app, or digital campaign from A to Z.

I help you to your new *junior or *senior…

iOS developer
Android Developer
UX Designer
Digital Designer
Product owner

And if you are looking for…

A VR developer
Scrum Master
PR Communication Specialist
Hard/software Developer (Internet of Things)

… My address book is so extensive that you can always try..

* Some developers may well handle the backend or work in a different specific language. Some are good with JSON/rest APIs and know what they can do with other APIs. Do you have a specific question, Let me know.


Hello World

Are you looking for developers or designers? I’m going offline and looking online for your next talent.


I find your ideal new team member or temporary help. I do this by deploying my network. Both offline and online, via Tech & design communities and in real life. Besides the seniors, I coach young professionals who just came from school. I also promote the interest of a select pool of professional freelancers that you can hire for your project. And finally, I explain the link between expats who like to work in the Netherlands and want to settle there. Read more about Hello World

Hello Festival

I organize an event and find your next team member based on their specific expertise a specific event and a lot of noise

From €3500,-

Find team members based on their specific knowledge? Want to reach a specific group of people? I use my festival skills and organize a popup event, meetup or workshop, for which you can also invite the media and your customers. I am doing this together with a PR team and event professionals. Read more about Hello Festival

Hello advise

An hour of sound talk & advise specific to your needs.


Do you have a lot of work and are you looking for young talent or a senior developer/designer? I like to put my network in front of you. Are you a client in the creative tech scene, do you want to expand your team or do you need temporary help? I like to help you.

> > Let’s do this < <

Enter your details here, I’ll go before you get started!


What others say

“Jacqueline is a born networker. It’s always nice to see how easily she brings people together: from designers and marketers through developers to companies. With Appril, her focus always lies on connecting disciplines, companies, institutes and individuals. The various editions of Appril are certainly a success by her contribution: she is the absolute pivot of the festival.

In addition, she is a warm personality who people quickly connect to. And big organiser who gets things together and manages to open doors. With her dynamism she ensured that Appril comes to the table of various institutions, companies and institutes. If she gets the chance to link her enthusiasm to her way of networking and arranging she is at her best, and invaluable.

Adriaan van Eck, IoT, Smart Energy & Smart Cities

“I’ve been working with Jacqueline since the first Appril festival in 2012. Her dedication to the festival, her organizational talent and her vision have helped thousands of people get familiar with apps and the app industry. I can heartily recommend Jacqueline for marketing and event related job positions. It’s one thing to organize a single day event, but it’s amazing how Jacqueline has created 30 day festivals across 5 cities, simultaneous. “

Ivo Jansch, CEO/co-founder at Egeniq and Buildozer



Jacqueline is a creative centipede with lots of good ideas. She can switch quickly to make sure her plans come together. One of her many talents is dealing with people. Jacqueline owns the gift to get the right people together in the right places.

Frederique Stutvoet, Manager Education at Music School Amsterdam/director MK24 Art Education