Miss who?

I know, I find and I match.

If you do not know me yet, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline de Gruijter, most people know me as the initiator of the app-Festival appril and under my Twittername Missappril. I excel in bringing together professionals in the creative tech scene. Through Multimedia Lab, Mk24 and Appril I have built up a huge network over the last twelve years. Driven by my love of creation and inspiring people.

Skilled as creative (art-director/illustrator).  I am pragmatic and specialized in spotting new opportunities. Since 2012 I bring (mobile) App-developers, designers, marketers, communities and investors together. During these meetings ideas are exchanged, new team members scouted, collaborations started and together beautiful products developed.

The result

Until now I have mobilised large groups of professionals during the app Festival and I contributed to the appcommunity. Over 350 events organized or facilitated; result? My address book bulges out with early adaptors, creators and creatives and this is where I would like to get involved. As Miss Appril I will find your ideal match, team member or job.

Learn more about my background, View my LinkedIn profile here or approach me for a cup of coffee to get acquainted. Or find me on one of the Tech Meet-ups that I often visit.

Focus Miss Appril

Since 2012 I am committed to connecting professionals with good app ideas to developers, designers and marketers in the app industry. And inspire them. This is reflected in my work as Miss Appril, which you can roughly classify into four parts:

  1. Organizing the Appril festival
  2. Support App, Code, and Design community’s after each successful match with donations
  3. Link professionals from the app industry to projects that have an impact on society. Social, innovative or creative projects
  4. Represent a number of app professionals through my agency


What others say

“Jacqueline is a high energetic multi talent. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her at mobile down south and later at Appril. Her love for connecting people is something that really appeals to networks and she’s a joy to have around!

Bart van den Berg, Co-founder & CEO Blue Giraffe Games



Outside from being an outstanding and well-known Event Organizer, Jacqueline is a charismatic Matchmaker, this word defines really good her ability to combine the talent offer with the company real needs, and she does that with both a genuine interest and a professionaly confined approach, taking care of the effective needs and exigencies of both the negotiating parts with a long term way in establishing good reputation and value based on quality.
Ivano Montanino, Full stack Android developer @Automous