Support NL Tech community’s

Makers-communities play a major role in the Dutch knowledge economy. During their meetings they keep the visitor up-to-date and there is plenty of room to experiment. Because of the diversity of subjects and visitors, they are hardly interesting in commercial terms. They can, therefore, use our support!

As a founder of the Appril Festival I think it is important that we help these communities, In Cash Or In Child. With every match I make, a part of my fee goes to one of the communities below. Do I match for your company or organization? You decide to whom this amount goes.

For 2017 I have chosen the following three organisations (foundations):

  1. Hackers and – is committed to designers community in the NL.
  2. CoderDojo – Provides coding classes to children.
  3. Appsterdam – Attracts IT talent to NL.

Do you have a suggestion for next year? Let me know.

Why Dharma points?

Every act or behavior has its effect, this is also called the Law of “Action and response”. Contribute to the Dutch app community and build your good dharma. The term Dharma Relates to the right action, at the right time, in the right way and for the right reasons according to the Universal Laws of human nature which will lead to satisfaction, happiness and prosperity. Karma Karma refers only to the execution of deeds, not to the consequences of those deeds. The result of an act is called ‘ Vipāka ‘.