Dev’s & Designers

Are you a developer or designer and don’t want to be in the ‘business’ of searching for appropriate work?

Do you like it when someone represents you, someone you know personally and can match you with companies looking for professionals from the app industry? with whom you can discuss about your next step, which you can bet on to go looking for a team, an interesting assignment or that can simply help to work to pay the bills?

Hello, here is matchmaker Miss Appril. With six years of experience as an app-festival program maker and a big heart for the community I connect you to nice app assignments and employers.

2017 – 2018 Agent Miss Appril

The upcoming year I’ll to use to shape my agency. For this I am looking for senior developers and designers who love to work on projects that have an impact on society, either socially, innovative or creative. Creators who dream about code, which quickly translate a complex problem into a challenging job. Who always give the best of what they have.

Are you a senior developer or designer, who thinks finding the right job an negotiating are not the most exciting part of his or her career? Do you prefer to focus on your job? Put your name in my online address book or make an appointment. I would like to help you find the right gigs.

Who plays the ‘Miss Appril card’?

  • You are a mobile hero, developer or a designer and you are looking for work
  • You are a pro and know everything about building apps
  • You even dream in Android or iOS and yet you don’t always work
  • You like to start new projects but don’t want to search for it yourself
  • You like to work with fine people. Respect and trust are at the top of your list
  • You do not want an agent who calls you eight times when you are not looking for a job and frankly: busy!
  • You’re done with recruiters chasing you
  • You are looking for someone who represents your interests. Someone from the app community who understands your skills and connects with you personally, who is transparent and lets you know where she wants to introduce you

11 reasons to subscribe to Miss Appril

  1. As Appril-Festival founder I have a large network which you can take advantage of it. Lots of contacts to give you your next job.
  2. As Miss Appril I don’t just have fixed jobs for you, but also freelance work and projects.
  3. You can also join me if you are looking for your next team buddy on your own job.
  4. I understand your skills and won’t ask you as Android developer if you have can build ap iOS app. or vice versa.
  5. No ‘lucky shots’, pointless mails or redundant phone calls. I do not shuffle CV’s, but place you personally.  
  6. You immediately hear which company I want to link you to. I work transparent.
  7. It saves you a lot of posturing and time. You don’t have to negotiate your own fee, I do it for you. I make sure you get paid well. You get your common fare or more.
  8. Work only with pros for pros.
  9. As Miss Appril I do what I do because I like to inspire and connect people. Through the Appril festival I have been doing this for 6 years for the Dutch app-Industy, the inventors, creators and designers.
  10. You work with someone who has love for the profession and creating beautiful products 
  11. Karma Bonus: For every match via Miss Appril, a part goes to a dev-design community! Check Dharma points.

The online address book you want to be in

Write your contact information in the online address Book of Miss Appril and get interesting jobs and vacancies in your mailbox regularly. Send an email with your CV to Jacqueline[at] to schedule an appointment and get acquainted.

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What others say

“Jacqueline has a very clear vision to connect people who can strengthen each other and she is very good at it. This has been proven by organizing and implementing the Appril Festival for 5 years, through which the network has been strengthened, deals are closed and nice contacts have been made. Jacqueline knows how to get people enthusiastic and to participate and contribute to the community. In recent years I have enjoyed working with her.

Elies Kouwenhoven, The Allotmenteers, events for innovation