The influence of Appril

In the Master Thesis Revised By Tim Pardoen from Tilburg University Tim gives answers to the question: What influence does Appril have on the Dutch app economy?

It has mainly looked at the influence on the networks and relationships in the app economy. Social capital theory has been used to answer this question. This theory covers relationships and networks of individuals as a separate form of capital, in addition to financial and human capital.

The research has shown that Appril has a positive effect on all three dimensions of social capital: structural, cognitive and relational social capital. The impact on structural social capital is stronger than the other forms of capital. Appril is particularly good at bringing people from different disciplines within the app economy into contact with each other.

Appril can also create a basis of trust. Bringing together people and thus increasing networks leads to more opportunities for cooperation and ensures that knowledge is disseminated faster and more easily. The basis of trust that Appril can create herein is important for the willingness of people to share knowledge. Sharing knowledge will lead to the creation of new knowledge and therefore innovation. Innovation in this fast-paced industry is an important basis for success.