Miss appril summer news flash


At the start of the holiday season another Newsflash full of available developers. Both from inside and abroad, junior, medior and senior developers who are ready to start working for you.

Besides matching I am working on creating a new label for matchmakers and recruiters in the IT sector. This label stands for a new mindset and has a heart for the community. By now I have found 2 other matchmakers willing to participate and we will launch in September 2017..

Check here.. Available developers!     Check here.. Available developers!   Check here.. Available developers!


Jorge-Creative Senior UX Developer
Available: fulltime/in consultation

Jorge comes from Latin America but has been working with pleasure in the Netherlands for several years. He is looking for a place where his developers ‘ abilities and creativity come to justice. Jorge is an awesome developer and super cool guest to have in the team. He is a big fan of URAmber.js and now speaks fluently Reactjs and of course HTML/CSS. If you’re looking for the rare combination of FE developer and designer wrapped in a terribly nice guy then ask for Jorge.

Ton-Junior iOS-Senior mainframe developer
Available: Fulltime/per 1 September 2017

is a technically oriented thinker and Doinger, interesting and challenging work in an IBM z/OS mainframe environment is his passion. After 20 years it experience He chose to save a new direction, namely as an iOS developer.  His experience with it, of course, brings him with him. Since 1981 he has worked in mainframe environments in various roles as a programmer, technical designer, database administrator and technical and functional manager. I have built up a lot of expertise with COBOL, Endevor, REXX, DB2, CICS and related tools.

Fouad-iOS Developer
Available: Fulltime/per 1 September 2017

Is in the first Instance app developer but in addition, he has also been assisted by the iOS app development Bootcamp of the App Academy/Amsterdam Coding Academy January 2016. After his studies at the App Academy, he developed the past period for various customers from Labland (part of the App Academy) iOS apps. Of origin, Fouad has a commercial background (HBO commercial Economics College of Amsterdam) which also helps him to make an app commercially.

Erik-Senior Test Manager
Available: fulltime/in consultation

It professional with more than 17 years of experience in many different roles. This experience in combination with excellent communication skills enables him to both drive a technical team and meet the goals of management. His focus is on delivering quality within set deadlines. Worked on both external and internal projects. Acted in many different roles: Project manager, team leader, Test Manager, middleware specialist, programmer, requirements analyst, technical writer, bid participation. Worked in many industries: finance, insurance, aviation, on-line gaming, social Security, transport, retail, music companies. Worked for: Rabobank, Schiphol Nederland B.V., UWV, ABN Amro, NS – Dutch rail, Da Retailgroup B.V., HJHeinz, NationaleNederlanden, Nokia andUniversal music Group.

Thomas-Medior Product Owner/Business Analyst
Available: Fulltime/per 1 September 2017

Thomas is since 2013 in Holland. Well developed organizational skills with a proactive approach to my work. He is highly ambitious, driven and self-motivated, pRofessional and confident. Able to work in a fast paced environment and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly targets. He has strong communication skills, excellent professional manner with internal as well as external key stakeholders or customers.

Willing to come to NL. Willing to come to NL. Willing to come to NL. Willing to come to NL.

Anatoliy – Python/GO Developer
Available: Fulltime

Anatoliy Founde his career in different hands on OPS roles. Although he a true developer, his experience with VPS and OPS makes him move up and down the stack with ease. With Python (5 + years) and recently Go and Docker experience he a true modern developer. He is very motivated to move to the Netherlands (specifically Rotterdam The Hague area) to continue his career and is especially looking in the Rotterdam/the Hague area, although Amsterdam is an option for the job. Anatoliy is fun to talk, results-oriented and a fast learner. In his free time he enjoys music, programming (off course) and brewing..

Alex-Medion PHP Developer
Available: Fulltime

Alex is an awesome PHP developer (4 + years of experience with solid JS knowledge) and a really nice guy. He has a good level of English and comes to meetings well prepared. He is very serious about learning new technology and getting things done! Alex wants to continue to improve himself and the company he working for. In his free time he enjoys learning new code and is into aggressive inline skating.

Timur-Medior Java Developer
Available: Fulltime

Timur is a welcome professional that has proven himself in a modern back end environments. Continuously growing himself from system administration to C# developer working towards cutting edge Java development. Lot of experience in developing stable applications, restful APIs, background services, Web crawling tools, microservices. Analytical and problem solving skills. Timur is a team player, has good verbal and written communication skills and pragmatic approach.

Volodymyr-Senior Ruby Developer
Available: Fulltime

Volodymyr is a dedicated 33 year old developer with 11 years of experience that is ready to take his career to the next level. A real senior to add to your team! He can build a website from scratch working in the full stack and creating a complete working solution.

Carlos – Junior Ruby Developer
Available: Fulltime

Carlos (23) is a junior Ruby developer and a graduate of MakersAcademy, a full stack web development bootcamp in London. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law and a Masters degree in finance. At creators he learns about agile development, object oriented programming, TDD, Git and both Ruby and JavaScript. He has been working as a ROR developer for a small startup since 2016 and is now looking to join a professional team where he can ignite his career. He is a quick learner, eager, writes clean code, a team player and dedicated to learning as much as possible. A real energiser for your team!

Urgent or extra hands needed? Urgent or extra hands needed?

AB – JavaScript Guru/Architect

Helps you with: develop what you need with the right quality and pragmatics. AB is not only a magician with design/html/JavaScript He is especially the driving force behind successful teams. Taking, positive and with a load of experience, he leads projects in good jobs. Your developers and your product managers will thank you for attracting AB.

Dimitrie-Senior Developer

Helps you with: complex applications from start to finish. Can do everything in the area of iOS, Android and Web: frontend, backend, database, system architecture. Also know to go with Oberhardt Creative Technology lead developer, technical project Manager, database & software Architect

For more information, call or mail: jacqueline@appril.nl / call: 031 (0) 6-51937793