Dutch first Aid startup list

In the Netherlands, the battle has erupted to cultivate and boost the best startups. Initiatives such as rock start, startup bootcamp and black from hackers and founders battle hardest to get the most innovative startups. To nurture, guide and promote them to Dutch tech gems or – rather, to a real ‘Unicorn‘.

The energy has never been so high, when it comes to Dutch tech. Under the leadership of  Prince Constantijn, entrepreneurs and government are focussing on this subject and this is beginning pay off. The NL is increasingly appearing on international rankings when it comes to innovation and growth, thanks to all the forces that are now being put together.

In the Netherlands we currently have 20,000 starters a year and we all need to share knowledge. But where do you start?
As a founder of Appril I know my way around the tech world of the Netherlands. I can imagine, however, that if you do not have to deal with it every day, all the new initiatives can be overwhelming How do you know who is responsible for which? Who can you approach if you want to bring your initiative to the attention and how do you get money to grow?

These questions have kept me busy for a while and even I don’t always know who to follow. That is why I have once again sorted out who is responsible for that. I hope it will be a helpful list for you. Here you will find organizations of the most active startup promoters in the field of education, finance, PR and government. Take advantage of it.

In the startup jungle of the Netherlands I see four pillars:

  1. Education
  2. Communities
  3. Accelerators
  4. Government

My quest starts close to myself, namely the first list of leading Appcommunity’s in the Netherlands.

Apps Movers and shakers

Appsterdam, with the mayor of Appsterdam, Mike Lee

Festival Appril, With Jacqueline de Gruijter aka Miss Appril

The Dutch Android user group /Dutchaug, in Utrecht, with Johan Pilgrim ao

Girls in Tech, with Mary Bean

Mobile Down South Eindhoven, with Bart van de Berg ao

Cocoaheads, with Jeroen Leen Arts ao





Active Tech Communities

Permanent Future Lab, with Samir Lahiri

Permanent Beta, with Martijn Aslaner

Hackers and founders, with James Bryan Graves

WebRTC, with Rianne Gojia 

DomCode Utrecht

Young creators With Robert van Hoesl

GlobalTech.City & AmsterdamTech.City With  Nuray Gokalp

/dev/haag The Hague, with Tijs Tad

The Announcements With Eelco Bakker

React Amsterdam

Internet-of-things network

IoT – Sensemakers with  Jonathan Carter of Gimworm 

IoT– The Things Network, with Wienke Giezeman

Money and Tech

Haarlemvalley Present your startup, with Valerie Valenduuk 

Holland Fintech, with Don Ginsel

Growdfunding Day, with Simon DeLeon

A small selection from the Dutch tech events

The next web, these men still need an introduction


Appdevcon and endpoint, with a.o. Ivo Jansch

Scratch2015ams, with  Joek van Montfort

Up Global (Up.co), with Nick Stevens

Appril Festival, with Jacqueline de Gruijter

Hackathons, Movers and shakers

Appsterdam, with the mayor of Appsterdam; Mike Lee and Martinus Meiborg.

Bemyapp, with a.o. Elies Kouwenhoven

The Hackitarians, With Jurjen Söhne


Tech journalists, social media and PR

Silicon Canals, with Remco Janssen

Dutch Startupmap, with Paul Maes

ICulture, with Gonny van der Zwaag

Proudly represent, with Remco Janssen


The next web, with Boris van Zanten and Patrick de Laive

Future makers, with Hella Hueck

Nutech, Sanoma

Rauwcc, with Maarten 


Bart Breij (ex)Iculture

Fast moving targets, with Erwin Blom

BNR Radio

Yellow Communications, with Marjolein Bos

Business initiatives

Smart industries, including TNO and KVK

Dutchstartupmap , with Paul Maes

Starters lift, with Stephan Botz

Fuelup, with Irina Marks

Municipality and government









Startupamsterdam, with Kajsa Ollongren

Startup Delta, with Prince Constantijn


IMMovator, encourages cross media projects

Smart city, City of Amsterdam with Tom van Arman

Tech / startup jobs

Accelerators in Tech






The next Women, with Simone Brummelhuis

Rock Start, with Oscar Kneppers

Startup Bootcamp, with Patrick de Zeeuw

Black, with James Bryan Graves

Startupjuncture, with Samir Saberi

Weekly innovation, help companies innovate in one week

Ace, Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam (UVA), VU University, Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA), Amsterdam School of Arts (AHK)

Urban Gro Lab, a collaboration between the investment company nom, the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Groningen.

Yes! Delft Business Incubation

Internet Valley Groningen, with Geerten Eaton

Network clubs

StartMeUp, with Evert kale






S2m Utrecht, with Vincent Ariëns

Education / kids

CoderDojo, including Chris Vermeulen

Codeuur, with a.o. Ronilla 

DutchBasecamp, including Ruben Nieuwenhuis

Code Cult

VHTO, national Expertise Agency for girls/women in engineering

Startup school Amsterdam (Bssa), with Ricardo Van Loenen

The App Academy, with Martijn Wuitte

The Talent Institute – from startup Bootcamp Amsterdam

Development Bootcamp, with Wouter de Vos

Growth Tribe, with Jeroen Talib


Dance & Brands, event part of Amsterdam Dance event (ADE)

Sotfware Circus, with Mark Coleman

Black, with James Bryan Graves

Cafés and places and spaces to meet in Amsterdam

Two for joy, Haarlemmermeer 182HS, Amsterdam

Café de Doffer, Runstraat 12, Amsterdam

S2m, Amsterdam

We work

The startup, with Joris van Verhoef

Launch Cafe, with A.O. Koen Abdallh and Jarno Duursma