Dutch app awards 2019

Op 18 april 2019 starten we met de Dutch app awards.
De Dutch app awards zijn dé prijzen voor het allerbeste apps van Nederlandse bodem. Dutch app awards is een initiatief vanuit het appril festival, hét zakelijke app event waar de crème de la crème van de Nederlandse app industrie jaarlijks samenkomt voor inspiratie, innovatie én new business.


De Jury  

Brechtje de Leij, Head of Product at Independer
In my 18 years of experience, I’ve worked on many successful digital products and services. A product is successful when it delivers value, is frequently used and loved by consumers, fits the company’s purpose and strengthens the company’s’ brand. This is what I strive for as a product developer. I am very result driven, and always eager to meet or exceed KPI’s / OKR’s.

Dimitry (DIM) Vleugel  Captain at Androidworld
I lead the creative process in content, social, video and sales. Next to that I support the editorial team.

Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen,  Business line manager ICT, ecommerce and mobile projects
Experienced result driven business and ICT project manager. Background in technology companiessuch as IBM, Amazon and Adviqo. Mobile savvy: managed development and roadmapping of over 400apps. Business Line Manager for apps that reached 6 digit monthly revenues.